Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Accused Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Accused - Movie Review Example They fail to realize that the form of sexual aggression depicted in The Accused has much to do with the social attitudes towards women. Thereby, though such depiction of sexual aggression at public places, as depicted in The Accused may not be very common today, yet, the underlying attitudes towards women that constituted the basis of such sexual aggression in public, as shown in the movie, are as rampant today as they happened to be in the 80s, the period in which the movie unfolds itself. It is a fact supported by many credible social surveys that a significant proportion of the women in the United States of America have been the target of some sort of sexual violence or aggression. There is a significant chunk of the male population that happens to be in doubt as to what exactly constitutes consensual sex. There are many males who believe that forced sex is acceptable under some circumstances, especially under such circumstances where they can get away with their sexual crudeness. The irony is that there also happen to be many women who believe or perhaps are made to believe that sexual aggression does happen to be acceptable in some situations. It is sad to acknowledge that in the contemporary society, patriarchal views and norms do still happen to be rampant. Many a time people do evince a callous attitude towards the victims of sexual violence and simply fail to understand as to what sort of impact does raw sexual aggression could have on women. Today, the kind o f public sexual aggression depicted in The Accused may not be evident. Still, when it comes to the victims of sexual aggression, there are people who blame the victims for such behavior. Sadly, in many cases of sexual aggression and sexual violence, the victims do end up considering themselves being responsible for what happened to them. In the current times, there are men who simply fail to grasp as to how

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