Friday, January 24, 2020

Cultural Assessment of the U.S. Navy Essay -- essays research papers

Mission Statement The US Navy has founded its self with being an organization that will train and activate skilled combat naval personnel. The official mission statement taken off their web site states, â€Å"The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.† ( The Navy also prides itself on the adventurous spirit it takes to embark on a career in the navy. The slogan used in getting new recruits is â€Å"Accelerate your lifeâ€Å". These statements suggest that the Navy is not only clear in its purpose and design, but also dedicated to its end. The clarity of its mission is seen in the extensive training that recruits receive in boot camp and the mental focus directed by their superiors to focus on the mission statement. In recruitment, the Navy seeks young men and women, often bogged down with school and jobs that to an eighteen or nineteen year old see ms to be boring and slow paced. Work Environment The navy workspace is most commonly out on the sea, on a ship, or in a submarine. Part of the Navy’s mission is to maintain freedom of the seas, thus the sea is their workplace. The design of many of these vessels does not allow for tremendous amounts of space or access to the outside world. A ship in the middle of the ocean is constricting of a person’s mobility. Thus the ideal is to function as a crew and to work as a unit in order to accomplish the goal. The tight quarters emphasize connecting with your fellow shipmates. Use of Slogans "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of All Who Threaten It" is currently the slogan for the United States Navy. The slogan was meant to express the Navy's core mission of projecting power globally to protect and defend America. In addition, it has become a focus of purpose, pride and loyalty about standing up for your country and what it represents. Past slogans intended to capture the real meaning and spirit of the Navy were "Sailors Have More Fun," "Go Navy," "Fly Navy," "Join the Navy and see the World," "You and the Navy, Full Speed Ahead,† â€Å"It’s Not just a job. It's an Adventure!" and "Accelerate Your Life." (â€Å"Life, Liberty,† 2004). Techniques and ... ...p; Retrieved September 11, 2004 from,13190,080204_Navy,00.html?ESRC=vy Navy (n.d.). Secure Your Future: Family Security Retrieved September 9, 2004, from Official blue angels site. (n.d.). Retrieved September 11, 2004 from Phillpot, T. (2004) Military Update. Star and Stripes Retrieved September 9, 2004, from Shalikashvili, J.M. (n.d.). Shape, Respond, Prepare Now -- A Military Strategy for a New Era. National Military Strategy. Retrieved September 14, 2004, from Status of the Navy. (2004, September). The US Navy: Around the World, Around the Clock. Retrieved September 10, 2004 from news/.www/status.html Stevens, P. (2001). Give them a sense of pride, and they'll stay. Proceedings. United States Naval Institute, 127(7), 112.

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