Friday, February 14, 2020

The editorial Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The editorial - Essay Example According to Bay City News, the family has come up with a donation page in order for elicit funds for supporting Rath’s 3 months’ old daughter along with sustenance of the funeral expense. Prior to the tragedy, Officer Peter van Eckhardt stated that the California Highway Patrol officers had heard of a motorcycle speeding on the bridge, but responded at around 4:30 pm. Before long, van Eckhardt mentioned something about the officers receiving reports of a collision on the selfsame bridge. The loss aroused a search effort across different emergency arms of San Francisco. In a bid to rescue the body, the Rio Vista police, Oakley police, a CHP helicopter and the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and Contra Costa County sheriff’s rescue boats all responded to the scene. Further, a Sig-alert was lifted at about 7:15 pm in response to the very scene. However, the emergency personnel halted the search after trying to pursue the body for up to 2 hours mainly because of the setting sun. At this point they had only come across some of Rath’s gears, though they could not figure out the way to associate the devices with Rath himself. According to Marshall , the crew was to resume the search on the next day. The move by the marine units from Solano, Contra and Sacramento counties to search for Rach’s body reveals how the units are committed to their committed to their patrolling routes. In taking such a step can to citizens serve as evidence that the state wants the very best for them. However, the state needs to adopt approaches that can allow the emergency personnel to be capable of engaging in the search processes even during night sessions. This comes in handy in case of collisions that occur around fast moving rivers. You never know, probably it is because of the directive to halt the search process after 2 hours that made Rath to be found

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