Wednesday, November 20, 2019

TIS Reflective Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

TIS Reflective Report - Essay Example The second concept is while the ideology of supply chains is crucial to the success of any business, few firms have paid less attention to this and in turn they have limited this concept to the supply chain that take place within the four corners of their business. Consequently, this has led to disjointed and inefficient supply chains. From the tutorial, analysis of Wal-Mart Chain Supply Management System was carried out also with consideration of the enterprise. The learning brought out the implementation to US. The research methods that were used brought out the plans that the supply system has used to ensure that goals are attained. In the research, more could be done to bring out the effect of the supply chain on the consumers, the impact of the supply chain to other competitors. Improvement of the supply chain was also not learned and is an important aspect in the supply chain management. There are lessons that were learned from the learning style. From the research that was carried, it was learned that there is need to become information literate. In order for one to carry out an effective research, there is need to use effective information technology and other techniques that one is good at. Research skills also entail reading of complicated texts and bringing them to an individual’s understanding. One may think that there is no difficulty in reading but in carrying out a research, there is need to properly analyse the texts that one reads. General sources are not always needed in research as was brought out. In the research, general sources do not give out the expected results and data that are needed for analysis. They are mainly used in gaining of context. The research brought out the importance of what to use in referencing. In referencing, there is need for aiming on the credibility of sources basing on the requirements that are needed in the research. Referencing in this way will

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